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On occasion, we are involved in running educational events for the public. Here, you will find details of some of the events we've done in the past, and the software and hardware we have available for future events. If you're planning a new event, you are really welcome to talk to Wes and see if there are any tools that can help. Everything listed below is designed to be re-used. Also on occasion, being involved in these events has led to some paper-writing, as well as being a lot of fun, so if you get the chance in the future, jump on board if you can.

Previous Events


  • HP Slate 7 2801 x10 - Android Tablet with various issues that can be worked around.
  • HP Elitebook 8760w - A large heavy 17" quad-core beast of a laptop. Portable in a fairly loose sense.
  • Lenovo Thinkpad E540 - A lighter 15.6" quad-core laptop, with only a horrid touchpad to complain about.
  • Viewsonic VS14935 (aka PJD8633WS) short-throw projector. Really good bit of kit for massive projections at short range.
  • Belkin N750DB - A supposedly top of the range wireless router with some serious limitations. (Retired)
  • D-Link Router - A new kettle-shaped router that overcame some of the horrors of the Belkin one.
  • Logitech K750 - Wireless solar-powered keyboard.
  • Logitech M185 - Wireless mouse. (Use single Logitech USB Unified dongle for both)
  • 101 micro:bits with lanyards. See the micro:bit epidemic.


  • Barcode Epidemic - A suite of tools for printing unique QR codes, an Android app to scan and send them to a web server running live display tools.
  • Herd Immunity - A snooker-table like analogy where different coloured balls represent sickness, susceptibility, recovery and immunity. R0 and vaccination can be varied. Can be controlled by Android.
  • Live Epidemic - The predecessor to the Barcode Epidemic, with entries typed into Excel, for analysis by R.
  • Microbit Epidemic - sort-of derived from the Barcode Epidemic - infections are broadcast by bluetooth radio between micro:bit computers.
  • Zombie Sim I - An interactive UK spatial individual-based gravity-model simulator allowing side-by-side comparison of different parameters. This version has quite a few parameters you can change, so good for a technical, or epi-familiar crowd.
  • Zombie Sim II - This is a cut-down version of Zombie Sim I with fewer parameters to edit, and a larger map. It's better for a less technical, or younger crowd, or when you have a bit less time.